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    Hey everyone. I got a bit of an issue/conundrum/idea.

    I'm considering buy an old tablet to work as a screen to my carputer. The laptop was going to wirelessly network with the box in the back of the minivan, and remote desktop/vnc to that front-end. I realized it probably wouldn't work with video/dvd and so-on, but didnt think it would be a problem.

    Wow, was I wrong.

    It's horribly. I just attempted a conenction from my laptop to my desktop and it was horrible. It lagged and the playlist was horrible to use cause of the lag, and it took 1-2 seconds before it acutally updated. It wasn't a smooth screen, it like scanned from the top.

    Have the front-end run on the remote computer, and through a connection control an app on the box in the trunk.

    This could be useful for others who want to have a laptop be able to control there carputers also - like when they have passengers.

    I see it being a small low graphic intensive front-end, or at least configurable for such options. That would be for people like me who want to run it on a 5 year old tablet.

    So is this plausible? I imagine using winamp would be the eaasiest to make the server app (for the box in the boot).

    Who wants to do it? I'm not so great at music/UI coding, but I do some networking in perl.

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    There's already numerous remote interfaces for winamp. For starters, you might want to play around with Winamp Web Interface and BrowseAmp. Both are easily customizable with html and css.


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      Frodoplayer has a web-based interface
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