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Some albums missing in software?

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  • Some albums missing in software?

    I have like 500 albums on the itx going in my car, but a handfull of them won't display when I select their folder. Album art comes up, but no songs are visible... yet if I generate a playlist with all songs in all album directories included-- the songs in that appear to be missing when viewing their album directory-- are visible and play fine. This holds true in frodoplayer or mediacar/roadrunner. When viewing the directories in winamp there are no problems. At least 400 and something albums appear fine in the mp3car software. Any suggestions?
    I was wondering if it was albums with like .nfo or .sfv files in them for some reason- but that wasn't the case-- also maybe conflicts if file/dir names are too long, or have characters like ( or ] in them?
    Any suggestions?
    Jeeputer in progress....