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  • Destinator 3 for Windows.....

    I've trawled the forums but im still a bit confused as to how you all manage to get Destinator 3 installed on a PC.
    I can only seem to install it to an IPAQ.
    What am I doing wrong?

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    Destinator hasn't got a PC frontend yet. To use the software on a PC, you need a frontend like FreeDrive or MapMonkey. You will obviously still need the maps.

    You will also need to buy the destinator sdk.
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      Check out Map Monkey or Free Drive, both use the Destinator apps and map data to work on the PC...

      You'll need the SDK and map data for your area to fully utilise either though though...

      You don't install Destinator, just the maps etc after installing your chosen destinator front end...
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