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  • Sync for Outlook mail

    So, I can sync my contacts/calendar/notes with my Treo.

    However, I need to keep my inboxes in sync.

    I really loath the idea of setting up an exchange server.

    I've tried some Outlook PST file syncronizers, but while they work, they seem to mungle up my PST file (breaks my rules, confuses my RSS reader).

    Any thoughts? My main use for the Carputer is work, and Outlook email is a big part of that.

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    Don't have a Treo, but I use outlook for mail on two different computers (a desktop and a laptop), and need to maintain mail & folder structure on them both.
    My solution was to have Outlook leave the messages on the server on both copies of Outlook, as well as delete messages after a certain periood of time (7 days for me, you may need more or less) on the desktop only. basically, I have to download mail on each computer at least once a week, which is a no-brainer for me. Also, if I'm travelling and only using the laptop, mail won't get purged off the server until I connect from teh dekstop when I get back home.

    I have no idea if that solution will transfer to your Treo, but it works for me.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Look at

      You might be able to find something there that will work
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        There is a plug in for outlook that asks you to backup your PST files when outlook closes. I'd be interested in a better solution. IN the end, I'd love to integrate outlook contacts into my own car pc software.


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          you could have a look at synchpst. I think it is mainly a PC / Laptop thing tho.
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