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SpeakEasy Voice Recognition - Release 0.9.2

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  • SpeakEasy Voice Recognition - Release 0.9.2

    I added improvements to SpeakEasy. Thanks to CDR and others for posting these good ideas.

    These are the changes:
    1. A lot more stable and a bit faster, but still in you it may still do something silly.

    2. Added mouse Click support for Apps that don't have COM, TCP or HotKeys interfaces, check the default.ini file for the CLICK, examples CLICK::100,50,1
    thats X=100, Y=50 and 1 for left click (2 for right click).

    3. Added Window Location, check the settings window for changing the toolbar and main windows seperately.

    4. Ability to hide main window, with the "Speak Easy Hide" command. Can reshow it with "Speak Easy Show". Also added "Speak Easy Settings" "Speak Easy Phrases" which open the settigns window and the phrase vocabulary windows. "Speak Easy Exit" quits the application. You can change the phrase words to what you like in the Phrase editor window.

    5. Now that the main window can be closed while listening, there is a color status indicator on the toolbar. If the "SpeakEasy" text is green that means it recognises the last voice command, if it's red the recogniser is paused (not listening).

    6. I've also added two types of Beeps, one for Recognised voice phrases and one for below threshold voice phrases. But if you set AutoMute on in the settigns window, you won't hear them. Personally I keep auto-mute on otherwise MP3 playback will potentially cause false voice phrases being recognised.

    7. A new option is "Execute on Click List!", this allows you to speak part of the phrase and see the remainder of the phrase in the help list, if you click on the phrase ending then Speak Easy will run that command/macro for you, without having to speak the whole voice phrase. For example, if I just say "music" I then see a list of all the commands that start with music on the righthand list, I can click on "previous" and SpeakEasy will run the macro for "music previous". This is a user friendly way to have complex menu options all easily accessible. You'll need to have "Execute on Click List!" ticked on in the settings window for this to be turned on.

    8. If you want to repeat a command over and over again, you can build a multi-part macro in the phrases window, or just keep clicking the green/red text of recognise commands in the main window and it will repeatidly run that macro.

    9. Improved "Activate Letters" command for typing. In a major release shortly I want to create a OSK that is voice operated. For the moment typing letters is very basic.

    10. Saying "Show Help" will list all the available commands. if you click on one of the commands the bottom left status panel will give you a brief summary of what that command does. I'd suggest you turn off "Execute on Click List!" if you are learning the current vocabulary, having it turned on will execute that macro as well as show the command help in the status panel.

    Check this thread for Getting Started, the first 2 messages give you an idea of what each screen does. Thanks to the people that tried out the previous version and gave feedback.

    My aim is to make it as customisable as possible so you can configure it the way you want and also you can control whatever application you need.

    All feedback is welcome.

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    cant wait to try this new update.. same its like 1am and time to go to bed.. anyway will have an excuse to get up early tomorrrow.. :-)

    very nice additions m8

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      Your app sounds like its coming together nicely.
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        dont know whether your too worried about it (i personally dont care), but there is a company with the speakeasy name:

        just wanted to let you know in case you were wondering.
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          Thanks Vchat I didn't really think about ownership of the name. I don't intend to commercialise it so I'd hope they won't mind the similar name.

          I have just done a quick search on the Web and there is a Canadian company called which customise Dragon NaturallySpeaking which is very close indeed.

          I'll keep it non-commercial so hopefully they'll ignore it.


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            App failed to start.


            thought I would give this a go, as well as Brunos VR.

            It won't start- I get a 000135 Application failed to initialise error.

            Bruno's VR application works fine (if a little unstable).

            Any clues?



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              I've been having a little play with this and I really like the simple user interface you have created. However, I have a couple of question:

              1) Are you still developing this? Any release past 0.9.2?

              2) It seems when I click on the icon on the top right corner of the screen and minimize SE again, it alters RR volume from 0% to 100% respectively - can't figure out what is going on!

              3) Can you get this to work in the car with music and engine noise in the background? What is the best microphone to use and where should it be mounted?

              Keep up the good work!


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                So are you still developing this?


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                  every time i see this i think you guys are talking about SpeakEasy the ISP the one i use...

                  You probably want to be careful using the name...
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                    could you please list the command codes for up & down, left right arrow crtl alt del etc i figured out some of them but not all

                    also is there a way to disable the system beeps after commands
                    and is there a way to do a left click action at a certain xy
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                      Does anyone still have the Speakeasy software I have checked all the links and none of them work.