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Audio gateway autoconnect software needed

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  • Audio gateway autoconnect software needed

    Hi all.. I have a Samsung D500 phone atm, I can link it to my CarPC no prob's, but phonecontol wont read my phone book in, so what I have done is created a manual connection (audio gateway) so when I click on it and the phone is in the car it links up and I can then use my mic / speakers on the carpc to talk and hear.. What i'm after is a little bit of software that autoconnects to my phone, this would save having to minimise RR everytime and clicking the button myself. So what I need it a little app the checked to see if the audio gateway is available say.. every 20 seconds.. If it is, then connect to the phone, simple. What would be really kewl is if it also sent a com command every 20 seconds to RR, setting a label, this way then you could have a little indicator in RR confirming if your phone is connected or not.

    I can do the sendcom stuff and indicator no probs, just not even looked into the rest. I am however building a new skin which will have the indicator ready :-) (part normal / part flash)

    so anyone up for a joint bit of software ? I think it would be very handy for lots of peeps

    As for the skin.. I'm just messing in photoshop atm, so I expect lots to change.. I have attached a teaser just to give u an idea of the indicators.. It also will have a green/red indicator (top right) that will turn green if you are getting more then 3 sats.


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    Try this address for a program that collects class and name of any running application accurately. This gives you the class and process name of the program you wish to hit the button on, then with that information you can add it to your code of your other program. This is what I was working on for Mobile Impact, but found it to be difficult to make it universal for any application, but if it was for a single specific program, then it worked great!
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      I have a d500 to and would like to link it to my ca PC.

      please Can you tell me what progs you are using,

      is it via Bluetooth?

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        ^^ this is how Auto Connect works for my Siemens S65. Should be about the same with yours
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          thanx i will have a go
          Tweeked Purple Nissan 200SX