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  • Loading into system tray?

    ive been using frodo as the shell.. but one thing that anoys me is some of the programs that i have auto run loadinto the system tray.. sometimes i need to edit the settings of these but i cant cus there in the system tray..

    running explorer will only open file explorer and not the start menu and all the jazz for some reason,, (dont know why?)

    is there some shortcut end command that i can add to my prorams to stop them loading into the system tray? or some program that shows the programs in the sys tray???

    thanks mick
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    i used object dock to access programs in the sys tray.
    it makes the icons nice and big.
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    01101101 01101111 01101011 01100101

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      DesktopX will do the trick ( ) ...same makers of objectDock. It allows for different interactive plugins, called modules to be installed that show various things (like systray contents, mem usage, uptime, calendar, etc)
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