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Any front ends with this type of search?

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  • Any front ends with this type of search?

    Okai the closest i have come to finding a front end with my simple need (i think its a pretty bloody simple one) is frodo player.
    I like its search function because its like winamps, when you type in the name in the search box. It brings up all the matches it finds in the window.

    But in winamp when you click on one of the songs you have searched for, it goes to that song in the original playlist and when you go to next song it goes to the next song in the ORIGINAL list.

    In frodo player when you select to play a searched song and you click next, it only plays the next song in the SEARCHED list, not the original list.

    Road runner plays the searched song in the original list, but when you search for a song it doesnt give you a list to pick from, it just picks ONE song.

    So in the end both these are useless for me and i find my self using winamp... which is just as useless because of its non friendly touchscreen.

    Is there a front end with the search capabilites i am talking of?

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    i often wish RRs search would work like frodo's. thats about the only feature i miss from doin the swap Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      When I search, I do like you do - find the song in the list, then play it. Then I hit the "mode forward" button one direction, where it goes to "CD" or something like that, then I hit the "mode back" to "All Music" and let it play from there. It will select the next song in the All Music list when it's finished.
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        So i take that as a no?
        All im looking for is a front end with a search like winamp.
        When i type in some text, it brings up all the songs in the list that matches that text, then when i select a song it jumps to it in the full playlist, exactly like how winamp does.
        Is there anything like this or am i stuck using winamp?

        Frodo player is very close, but once youve searched for a song and you select to play it, when you go to play the next song it plays the next song in the searched list. I need it to be able to play the next song from the selected searched song in the full list, just like winamp.

        So im guessing im asking for a front end, that when you select the song it just jumps to it in the full playlist instead of staying in its own searched list like frodo does.

        Also can someone point me to some touchscreen user friendly skins for winamp as i cant really find any. And im probably stuck using winamp until someone puts this into there front end.


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          PhatNoise Media Manager does that too (, but I don't think it is any more car-friendly than WinAmp.