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DTR use as remote help

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  • DTR use as remote help

    Okai, using the DTR program, i can make it so when my computer turns on it sends the 12V to my amps through the com port and switches them on, saves me from having to manually turn my amps on once my computer boots up.

    Since im using ewf/horm i just flick a switch that cuts the power to my comp for instant off, now if im using DTR the 12V signal will be cut the same time as the computer but because of all the caps in the amps the amps always stay on for an extra half a second or so, so im guessing im still going to get that pop noise.

    I can always turn off the DTR program before i kill the power to the comp but who wants to manually do this everytime.
    I cant figure out a way to automate this.

    Remeber the switch i use to turn my comp off, is really just a kill switch for the power. And when i flick the switch back it restores the power and the comp is set to auto turn on when it sees power.