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DRM protected files problem !

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  • DRM protected files problem !


    I have a lot of protected WMA's on my computer and I want to store them as mp3's so that I can listen to that music everywhere I want. What is the best converter/method I can use to get passed this DRM protection ?
    I hope I'm in the right place to ask.

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    I'm not sure.. you could look for a "tool" that just strips DRM .. like the "PlayFair" tool to strip apple's DRM. or you could do a loop back and do an analog re-copression (speaker out to mic in and record).

    I think Music Match Juke Box does conversion also.. and I'm sure most audio tools allow for you to open a DRM WMA and then resave as an mp3 ..just tedious ..

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      It might be a PITA, but it may be a good idea to re rip the files to the new format, if you are concerned about the sound quality. The degradation in quality might not be real obvious, but it will be there.

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        There are several methods to do this.
        One of them is this re-copression speaker out to mic in and record.
        Another method is burning the protected files on a CD, making an audio CD, then rip them with a software like CDex.
        But the easiest method in my opinion is to use a tool that does it all for you. I use
        It's a software that runs in the background and records the files that you play in your Windows Media Player. You can choose from a variety of re-encoding options too, thus making the quality loss almost "un-hearable"

        Your choice...


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          That's a very nice software Nexia, very user friendly.

          And you are right, I can't hear the difference in quality. The only problem is that I have to play every song, one-by-one to convert it. Can't I speed things up, or at least to convert more songs at once.

          Anyway thanks a lot for the info


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            It is unessential to write down DRM protected files on disk,and then again copy them from it, there are ways easier, for example SoundTaxi )))


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              do a google search for FairUse4WM, it strips the DRM out of your imprisoned files
              Only works on files that you actually own and licenced to you and not your friend.
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