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Puppet master stops creative card from working

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  • Puppet master stops creative card from working

    I tried puppet master yesterday and fall in love with it, used the demo twice and then bought it, made my useless Nokia 6230i (which i was gonna trade in for a pocket pc) one mean machine.

    I bought puppet master to control my car pc, my set is as following,

    Sumicom PC
    Xenarc Touch Screen

    Creative Audigy 2 NX (USB Sound card)
    Belkin 7 Port powered hub

    The creative sound card and bluetooth dongle are connected via the 7 port hub.

    I had no problem with the sound card before, however when puppet master is on and i use it to control volume and tracks it stops the sound card from working. I can't even access the sound card mixer. I have to either log off or reboot.

    When puppet master is switched off i have no problem.

    I am using the Microsoft bluetooth software which comes with SP2, since i couldn't install Widcomm 4.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    apparenlty puppet master is not the problem. Creative Audigy stops working when ever another application works, when using road runner, when winamp visualization is pressed i loose audio, and the pc can not see the sound card any more.

    help plz