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Help Handle RING event from Cell Phone

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  • Help Handle RING event from Cell Phone

    So I have my program fully functioning to control my Motorola V600 over Bluetooth but I have a slight problem I'm hoping maybe someone can help me with. ...programmed in Visual Basic using MSComm object btw

    During a RING event, a RaiseEvent is triggered and works good to decipher the telephone number of who's calling and compare it with the phone book. It works and spits out the Caller ID info and everything. If I answer the phone call with my phone all is well and there are no problems.
    If I don't answer the phone call or hang up my landline that's placing the call, the RING event is still received even when the phone is not ringing. If I try to send ATA, ATH, or ATZ nothing happens and the CPU is pinned, but I still see RING events comming from the phone. The CPU reads 99% on the program but the computer is still running fast but obviously something's not right.

    what the hell is my V600 doing? It's not ringing anymore but insists to send a RING command.

    Any ideas? I really hope so - seems as though this place is my last resort but many of my threads go unanswered.
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    ha figured it out!! ODD

    In MODE=0 everything works but the RING event never shuts up. If I switch to MODE=2 before the phone rings I'll receive the RING event and it'll stop when it's supposed to. Oh thank god.
    Check out my SQ Competition carputer install