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USB Radio - Radiator Extreme(5.1 surround) Semi Working!!

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  • USB Radio - Radiator Extreme(5.1 surround) Semi Working!!

    Hi all,

    I have been following a few threads on USB Radios here and have been having trouble getting my usb radio to work in 5.1 mode, I have managed to get the 5.1 sound working off the Mic in on my EPIAMII12000, The only interface the allowed me to get it working was media car, When you click the radio button is plays whats coming in on the mic line, the issue i have is media car will not work and control my USB radio with radiator. so everytime i want the radio in 5.1 i have to click the radio button the lanch a seperate app which uses radiator to control the device.

    Has anyone got any suggestions on how to overcome this problem. To me it seems to be a software problem, I have tried the lastest Road Runner and that will only play in stereo(Front to speakers)