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  • file sync for WiFi - SFFS

    just thought i'd post/share some info about the file syncroniser i use.

    its called "super flexible file synchronizer" - SFFS

    ive been using it for a while now to sync my car PC audio database with my media server in the house and my music directory at work, not to mention other things like speed camera updates, traffic updates etc etc.

    it has some handy features, like mulitple profiles, sync when network becomes available, sync inside compressed archives, no server app required.... so better than ezsync...etc etc.

    i have a 54G mini pci WiFi card in my caputer and it works sweet : -), i have my P1900 psu for a slight delay shutdown to allow the syncroniser to update its directories when i park my car up in my drive and at work.

    i also have an SSL certificate on my carpc, so when i pass peoples open WiFi networks (fools) on my routes around town my carpc syncs securely for traffic updates and such over their internet connections : -)

    this program supports Left <-> Right side syncing on shares and FTP's so its probably compatible with anything you want to sync.

    its written by a guy called tobias who's open to modifications for a small compensation... great guy : -)

    need more info,, just ask me : -)

    p.s. anyone else using it ?


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    What software do you use to automatically connect to an open wireless network? I find the built-in one in windows xp pretty slow and buggy.
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      depends.... on my PDA i use Pocket WinC by Cirond, when i done my first carpc i used a miniPci dlink 22mb card,, so i used the PC version on WinC
      very fast and reliable. - and good choice

      whem i done my new centrino carpc i salvaged the 1.7 centrino and 54G intel mini pci card from a laptop. when most laptop manufacturers ship their wifi cards they use the XP sp2 wifi software, however intel make a decent wifi app on their site for their mini cards, you'll find it burried deep in the driver section for the 2200 and 2100 MiniPci cards base driver pack. its pretty fast, but only works with intel Mini cards.

      : -) also i leave the SP2 firewall on for the wifi, it protects the carpc for the most part from unknown networks, and the SSL i use encrypts the data on peoples wifi connections :-)


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        oh, and the city where i work has 3 sets of traffic lights i get stopped at each day, at each set of lights there are about 4 unsecured lans :-) so theres plenty of time for the sync to do its updates : -)


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          traffic update

          So... which program do you use to get traffic information?


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   update traffic in my region fairly good, so i get SFFS to tell me when the page has been changed, and view it in a web browser popup for my area

            i will soon work on skinning my updates into roadrunner, or i might talk a guy at work into writing a little application to display the info i want from the traffic page.

            its not a brilliant solution... but the problem i found with most purpose built traffic updaters is getting them to update quickly when a wifi is available....

            anyone got an all in one frontend solution ?


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              interesting- keep us updated plz? Been wondering how to access traffic info on the move, especially for the bloody M25 .... feel free to incorporate it into RR


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                Watch this space re: Traffic on the move! Announcement and app to come imminently!