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Poll: Want Carputer to be audio X-over as well?

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  • Poll: Want Carputer to be audio X-over as well?

    I just figured since i've found out a way we can pull it off, i'd start checking how much interest people would have in turning their CarPC into an automotive audio crossover, as well as their normal music player, gps, video and such. Kinda add a bit more range to the whole system.

    To clarify, (by users choice) I mean line out has a low cut off frequency of 120hz, meaning it doesn't send out much below 120hz, depending on your slope drop-off, just like a car audio crossover. Then your line in would switch to sending out 80hz low cut off, and 120hz high cut off, for your mids, and mic in would switch to 20hz low cut off, and 80hz high cut off.
    All these ranges would be adjustable by the user, for your own requirements to tune your stereo. It's just so that you're not sending your tiny fronts bass notes and such.
    Hey if all you've got is two tweets, two mids and a subwoofer, one port can do tweet frequencies, one port does mids and one port does subwoofer. There ya go, no more horrible sounds coming from the speakers that weren't meant to handle that frequency in the first place.

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    i don't get what you are saying, don't we already crossover into radio and xm and stuff?
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