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Using google maps offline?

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  • Using google maps offline?

    Has any one figured out how to make a cach of google maps (or part of it) to there hard drive so they can use it with out the net. If any one has done this with google maps this would be super great.

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    Even the indexed POI's or whatever? I think that would be awesome, if you had a terabyte to spare!

    Edit: This reminds me of a thought I had a while back... the phone companies should create an indexed pdf or something similar of the phonebook and deliver them digitally; that would save a lot of paper, and I might actually use one rather than just look online. If they could fit it on a cd or two that would still be a huge improvement on waste.
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    Im thinking laptop...


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      Dont they have online yellow pages? I really rather have an online yellow pages than an offline one.... but thats just me... now adas I have webaccess everywhere (even in my car ehehehe)

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      Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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        google earth caches the maps locally, but it'd be a real pain getting them cached (i.e. you'd have to manually move through your whole city so that it pulls all necessary data)
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          i dont know much about scripting but ive noticed that NASA WorldWind makes a cache of some things, so i spose if u knew what you were doing you could rearrange all the images


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            Humm ok well what maping software dose every one like then? Google seems like the best idea but I can't have internet in the car all the time.


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              i dont know if u mean like the satellite images. but if u just want the roads i use Delorme Street Atlas which comes with the garmin gps. which comes with a data CD that u need but i made the CD into an ISO and just use d-tools and have it mounted at all times


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                Thats a good idea to use d-tools to mount the iso with the data. I use it reqularly on my home pc's. I just meen normal streats and such so I guess I will have to check into Delorme Street Atlas.