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GPS Software with personal P.O.I. Iguidance? Or?

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  • GPS Software with personal P.O.I. Iguidance? Or?


    Would like to know if the following is possible.

    I need a GPS software that allows:
    1) Insert addresses (not Lat+Long, but address in usual form: street, zip, city, state) with comments. Sort of Point Of Interest, with long description 128 characters.
    Those to be imported from Excel or similar
    2) While I am driving, the GPS software warns that a particular address (one of above) is approaching, you click on it and the GPS software shows you the description (the 128 characters above).

    So far I am using TomTom on a PDA, which works so so. I was able to import address from Excel (first import into Microsoft Autoroute, exporting to Pocket street, translate in OVL through little program and put in Tomtom navigator directory).
    The big problem I am facing is that with Tomtom you cannot click on the screen while in navigator mode. And also in Map mode when you click on a P.O.I. it shows few characters (I need much more than those Tomtom is able to display).

    Is Iguidance able to do the task for me?
    Any other recommendations?
    Anybody willing to write a piece of software that does this (with tomtom, iguidance or whatever? (PAID of course)

    P.S. I am from Italy-Europe, now there is Iguidance for Europe available.

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    iGuidance has great routing in the US. I'm sure that tis the same in Europe.
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