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I have a Pontiac logo that needs sprucing up

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  • I have a Pontiac logo that needs sprucing up

    With all the media players skins I've seen, just about every car logo is available for skins except Pontiac. I have a copy of a very plane Pontiac logo (the arrow head) and it needs some sprucing up.

    Is there anyone out there with some good PS skills that could make it look a little more alive? The copy I have is very large and should be easy to work with. Please PM me if you think you can help.

    Here's a small version of what needs to be jazzed up. Let me know and I'll send you the large clean version.

    The end result would be something that could be used by skin makers. So if you are going to take a stab at it, keep it clean and realistic. (no neon)
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    If you want a spinning one...

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      How about this one?

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