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    I DID search but couldn't find it in a feature-list or any other post so I'm asking:

    I would like to auto-rate songs in a playlist / folder according to wether I decide to listen to them(0) or skip them (-), including advanced logic such as jumping back to an earlier song I liked (+) even several steps (++) or entering the songname in a search(++)

    This rating should then be used to determin a songs probablity to come up again in a random play back.

    I just don't want to create my own playlists manually, nor do I want to listen to the same songs over and over again. I think the time when I had to suffer through (or even ff) a song I once used to like but hate now died together with the audio-tape, right?

    BTW. I could also use something like this for my HTPC!?


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    There's a winamp plugin that does exactly this. It rates how long you listened to the song and rates every song you've played. Then it picks songs based on what songs you listened to more. It's a great idea, but it was very unstable when i tried it out 2 years ago. Oh, and the name escapes me. I'm sure its on their webpage.
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