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front ends and .m4a

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  • front ends and .m4a

    Just wondering do any front ends here support ID3 tags for .m4a files?
    What I mean by this is do the front ends allow u to browse your music library of .m4a files by:
    Genre - Artist - album - song

    All I have been able to find is

    Artist - song
    Genre - artist - song.....(no ALBUM)

    each artists seperate albums are put into 1 folder of all their songs...the albums aren't seperate.

    can anyone help?

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    I presume no one knows of any front ends that can do this?


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      so far i dont think so, i was thinking the same thing a few days ago as i wont be ripping anything to mp3 files anymore
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        i think the next release of centrafuse might have .m4a support


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          frodoplayer 2.00 will have this supported as well. So I guess we will be waiting anxiously


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            ummm, just download some m4a codec for windows media player and then use frodo...
            worked for me
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              Also, in Frodo, can't you create a tag file for songs. For example, if the song is song.mp4
              Can't you create a tag file using notebook and name it song.mp4.txt or something like that? I seem to remember reading that somewhere in Frodo's forum. I don't know the format that the txt file has to be in (sorry)
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                if u install a .m4a codec I find that in frodoplayer they are sorted in a .m4a genre. Haven't tried a tag file b4.