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Media Engine (GPS) HELP?????

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  • Media Engine (GPS) HELP?????

    Dose anyone know of any software that will work with media engine, I already have a working carputer that plays music videos and DVDís within media engine. I would like to add a gps function to it but I would also like to control it from a small creative labs remote control that is programmed to media engine. Cheers mates.

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    Trying to find the answer!

    Im new to all this too and I have done a fair few searches through the forums but cant find which GPS software is best suited to be used in conjunction with Media Engine. I havent installed any of the front end software yet, but Media Engine seems to be the most popular, but which software would we need for the GPS??????? Please help
    Ford Fiesta 16v 2000 - Media Engine - 8" Touchscreen - 40gig - XP Pro - DVD - VIA C3/EDEN EBGA Processor - Wireless

    Waiting for GPS (need to figure out which software is best for the UK)