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dual wifi cards - for constant internet connection

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  • dual wifi cards - for constant internet connection

    ok maybe this is moot, as getting internet via yourt GSM/GPRS phone is easy now too, but hear me out.

    the problemw ith wifi is, you have the negotiation part, where the AP and the NIC works things out and start talking, well byt he time that is all well and good you've passed by.

    so what if you had 2 cards, and they worked together.. one found a connection, then connected, and then the other would look for a weak signal (getting stronger) to connect to, and so on. Of course software would ahve to tie it all together.. and maybe you would add more, 3 cards? why not?

    I seem to have amillion ideas,, but .0003 seconds to impliment them.. so take this as-is

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    Why not simply plug your aerial into a potato and get 100% signal all the time!?

    It's easy to have great ideas when you don't worry about how to implement them. :P


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      I'm nearly complete with the potato mod.
      <> used Idaho Baker for best results
      <> Installation was a cinch once I filed the WiFi to a sharp point.

      TIPS & TRAPS:
      <> Though boiled potatoes are MUCH easier to install, they tend to fall a part in speeds excess of 45mph (72kph).
      <> Frozen potatoes offer the best durability but may bend most WiFi arials on installation.

      <> Don't know which drivers to load
      <> Not certain if this is for 802.11a/b/g/n
      <> No tangible effect on reception observed


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        I'm confused.. I'll be honest

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          01101100 01101001 01110001 01110101 01101001 01100100 01011111 01110011
          01101101 01101111 01101011 01100101

          beer replenishment fund

          mp3car live search

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            Originally posted by grepzen
            <> Not certain if this is for 802.11a/b/g/n
            It would be for 802.11p ... obviously.


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              Originally posted by Mad Ad
              It would be for 802.11p ... obviously.


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                has anyone heard of a software called boingo? it detects wireless networks and helps you connect to them, and if the network is locked it wont let you into it.
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                  Where can i get an "Idaho Baker" for my 100% signal. I hate having to stop in front of peoples house at night to get a connection. People look at me wierd with my store bought potato. Either that or my 15 inch screen in my car is so bright they come out to see whats going on and we cant have that can we.

                  SOMBODY GET ME AN IDAHO BAKER!!!!!!!

                  Um...the first idea was good though, anyone look into it to see if you can jump back and forth from wifi cards. I did read on here that someone has two in there car. One in front and one in the rear. But he had them both running at the same time. I guess windows xp would auto connect them both when it found something.
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                    i unfortunatly due to the heat this past summer fried mine. so inevitably will be sadly parting out my idaho baker.

                    id like to sell it as a whole unit but will settle for those who want fries
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                      how about you don't go on-line unless you can be parked some place to look at what you are doing.