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not able to remove widescreen bars in frodo

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  • not able to remove widescreen bars in frodo

    not able to find this answer in google anywhere and not exactly sure how to word the search.

    I am using frodoplayer, when i play a movie (since fp used windows media player) it plays my dvd saved to hard drive in 16:9 format with black bars on top and bottom. The screen being 7" makes the video very small...i can exit fp and open the movie in PowerDVD and it gives me the option to remove the black bars by unselecting "keep aspect ratio" is there such a setting in Media player 10? so the movie play full screen with no bars?


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    FP does not use wmp to play dvds.

    There is no solution for now. But I am working on one.
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      cool, thanks


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        I would like to have the same timer than the FS (if you click the bar goes away) I think I mentioned before.

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