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HVAC controller standards

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  • HVAC controller standards

    I've been working on creating a generic, standard if you will, HVAC management system for interfacing with a carputer's climate control system.

    Now when I code something, I like to make it as broad and generic as possible yet clean and sharp enough to be simple to use.

    Anyhow, the software interface layer of the lib I've created works fine. You can toggle AC, set temperatures either by a vector or scalar (this is to cater for older and newer car systems), set airflow levels (scalar) and register ducts to be interfaced with.

    So it's pretty generic really, it's only limited by the hardware/software interface that it's connected to. And that's where I'm up to now. I was wondering if anyone was interested in perhaps defining some sort of, erm incipient I guess you could call it, standard for HVAC interfaces which would allow my software system to easily communicate with anyone else's software/hardware interface.

    I'm pretty tired so I probably wrote a rather verbose explaination of my idea but hopefully you guys get it.

    I am planning to release my HVAC manager and standard as open source.

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    I don't know if you've seen this ?
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      Yes I have briefly looked over that thread. There is a lot of information in it, however my topic defers to the topic of that thread.

      I am creating a library, in cpp, that is to be reasonably platform independant to allow programmers to interface their carputer management programs with a HVAC control system.

      A control system will no doubt have to be reasonably specific to individual vehicles, the differences in HVAC control in cars are so many (yet slight I guess) that a single individual software/hardware combination could not cover them all.

      What I am aiming to do is to create a generic abstraction to all of this which allows systems to be ported from vechicle to vehicle with only the need to change the actual hardware interface and it's controlling software system and not the actual carputer management software.

      As you notice, I like to think in a modular manner for my systems.

      [edit:] Unless I missed your point in reading that thread...???