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Ultra sonic sensor distances?

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  • Ultra sonic sensor distances?

    I want to make a BMW style ultra sonic sensor diagram. (The one with the colors extending from the front and rear of the car). But to do this i need to get the distance of the obstacle from the ultra sonic sensors...

    Does anyone have a controller/encoder that will give this information to me? or know how i could find out the distance?


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    do a ebay search for parktronic. On that one there are little bars the light up as it goes and you might have a better chance of tapping into the led that would light up for each bar and interfacing with that.
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      yeah i did think of that, i was looking for a more... specific distance. Like exactly 1.2m (still aware of error tolerances).

      If all else fails i'll have to do that!


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        There are all kinds of kits and circuits available on the web. You need an ultrasonic driver/receiver and a processor to measure the time between the outgoing ping, and the received ping.

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