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Magic of the FrodoXMService.exe ????

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  • Magic of the FrodoXMService.exe ????

    Ok, so I've been trying to figure out how to do XM control in .NET I have the serial communication no problem there, next I move to XM Protocol document from Hybrid, ok that explains the commands, then from there I struggle.

    So I turn to the internet to take a look at some source code from people who have already done OCX controls that work. I find one and it doesn't work, that is until I start the FrodoXMService, then shut it down again. Once I have done this then the other OCX works fine. So what is the magic that lies beneath the FrodoXMService.exe?

    I've looked at the initialization strings that are laid out in the document from Hybrid, and I've tried sending all three of the intialization strings and still nothing. I can't get anything to work without the .exe.

    Frodo, first of all I appreciate the work you've done, I've supported you through paypal so by no means is this any disrespect to you, and the .exe does work great I just don't want to depend on an external .exe, I would like to control that from withing the front end software. So any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Oh yeah that and I would like to have it all in managed code too, that's another objective of mine.

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    Most probably, you didn't wait long enough time between the initialization process.
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      So from the time you turn the unit one you should wait to send the three intialization strings? If so approximately how long of a pause should I put in there?


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        Also I should clarify that a little bit.

        Frodo, I was trying another OCX found online not your control. This OCX from someone else doesn't work. But if I start the FrodoXMService, then shut it down, so that it's not even running, the other OCX works.

        That's what leads me to beleive there is an issue with the documented initialization strings. Since this OCX control won't work until after I've at least once run FrodoXMService. It's acting like FrodoXMService is doing the correct initialization which then allows this other control to work.


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          What ocx ? I don't know of any xm apps that work properly with the xm direct
          other than my stuff, RR, ME, & MMC.
          [H]4 Life
          My next generation Front End is right on schedule.
          It will be done sometime in the next generation.
          I'm a lesbian too.
          I am for hire!


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            This is the one I was trying to use.


            Again I'm just trying to get some source so that I have better idea of where to start to write my own. But if someone has an .OCX that already works hopefully as well as yours but it can run without an .exe that would probably work too. In a perfect world I'd like to write a full .NET version of a control to use with XM Direct so that it is all 100% managed code, but I can't seem to find the information I need to get it to work.

            I have the document from Hybrid, I have this OCX here with Source, but even that only works like I said, if I have at least one time launched your .exe. Which leads me to beleive that there is something with the intialization strings that is tricky, that you have figured out that most others have not. If you could shed some light on how you're doing that, that might be enough to get me started.


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              You can try my VB6 XM class, or at least pull some ideas from it:

              My init codes, while they may be overkill, are:
              RaiseEvent StatusMessage("Hello, XM..")
              Call send_to_XM("740001", True)

              RaiseEvent StatusMessage("Enable audio..")
              Call send_to_XM("74020101", True)

              RaiseEvent StatusMessage("Turn off mute on DAC..")
              Call send_to_XM("740B00", True)

              RaiseEvent StatusMessage("Power on..")
              Call send_to_XM("0010102401", True)

              RaiseEvent StatusMessage("Unmute..")
              Call send_to_XM("1300", True)
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                Erorus, THANK YOU! I'll give that a try.