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Can anyone help me with Windows Mobile programming?

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  • Can anyone help me with Windows Mobile programming?

    No one has stepped up to the plate to code a PocketPC frontend so Im trying to get the ball rolling

    Just think about it: INSTANT ON!!

    You would get instant on, super low power consumption, very small package with very little drawback
    The only thing lacking right now is frontend software

    Does anyone want to help me create something in C# for Windows Mobile?
    I need all the help I can get because Im frankly rather clueless on how to get this done (I do know C/C++ though)
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    Well, start with getting VisualStudio.NET 2005...
    EWF, HORM, MinLogon on XP.

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      Alread have it as well as the WM5 SDK
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        Instant on is great, but lack of expandability is a problem. I could see it more viable if you used it as a front-end/controller for your carpc. It could replace the screen (even though it would be rather small). Some sort of client/server setup would allow the program to display options, playlists, etc and then control media playback. People have used pda's in their cars for years, but the problems are:

        1. Storage
        2. Lack of cd/dvd
        3. No control of the audio quality (in terms of alternative sound outputs)

        There are benefits obviously, but until they merge portable media players with pda's, I don't see them being widely accepted (among carpc hobbiests at least).

        I do think making a client/server program for a pda in conjunction with a carpc is a great idea though. Maybe that would be a better route to look into?


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          Im not talking about using the bult in display. An external display with a touchscreen would be used

          An external USB hard drive would be used for storage

          I find CD/DVD useless since theres a hard drive that can store everything. I dont use one

          Audio quality isnt audiophile grade but its good enough for the average joe
          2004 G35 Coupe project


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            I haven't messed with PDA's in depth, but how do you go about having an external display (w/ touchscreen?) and an external hard drive from a PDA?


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              Certain PDAs have VGA out and USB controllers
              They're just mini computers nowadays

              My Axim x50v has VGA out with a $15 dollar cable and it can have USB ports through the CF slot for $150
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                Where can i get cf slots for 50 bucks
                I also have x50v


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                  Typo, meant 150

                  2004 G35 Coupe project