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  • Easy to skin?

    hey, i took my PC out of my car before i sold it about 3 months ago, give or take, but now i'm finally getting started putting it back in. much to my surprise, i found out coyote wasn't doing mediacar any longer. i love febsperanza's brand name skins for mediacar, and i wanted to do something like that. i had made a firebird skin for my old car, and now i am in need of a camaro skin. simply put, i need something that was as easy as mediacar to skin! any help is appreciated.

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    road runner? the natural transition i think... it is comptabile with old (mediacar) skin files... it has MANY more features and might be even confusing, but you can start out with your current skin files

    2005 Range Rover 4.4
    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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      cool, sounds good... are all of the buttons in the same place, or will i have to reposition them while i'm skinning?


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        Just use similar definition files, take a look at for a skineditor (to position the buttons) and download the rrbinary stuff for the skin commands.txt


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          theres a skin designer for RR, its awesome and saves loads of time.. just load your old skin into it and have a play.

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