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    From previous thread:

    Originally posted by RPM_V4
    I like the layout of the interface, and the map pictures look awesome, but the colors are blinding and need to be changed! Are there other skins for it? Do you have screen-shots of other skins?

    Also, I am Linux disabled. I could figure it all out if I needed to, but is there a package of it bundled with the OS so I can simply boot off a CD and have it auto-boot into your program once it is all done installing Linux? I wish there were more Linux packages like that for Web-Servers, Routers, NAS systems, DVR systems (I believe there is one for Myth TV), etc.
    The map application was a very quick hack done as an example application. I gave very little time in deciding what colors to use, but yes they are bright The reason they are that color is because they represent the buttons on the remote (they are informational - they aren't actually buttons, in fact the entire app has no buttons whatsoever since everything is on the remote).

    I have some other skins but they are incomplete collections from previous versions as development came closer to fruition. It is skinnable to some degree though yes. There are several dozen graphic and color elements as well as sounds that can be changed. I'm starting to get tired of my current skin so I'll be doing a new one soon and will take some screenshots when it's done (may be a few weeks though). There are some pictures of an older skin at the bottom of this page and some more pictures of an older version and some install pics in an Infiniti FX35 here.

    As for a simpler install, I'll probably end up creating some tarballs to make the linux-challenged a little less frightened The original interest was all from hard-core linux freaks, so the install docs were sort of written from that perspective.
    Silverwolf 2 is dead.
    Silverwolf 3...?

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    What do you mean no buttons? I'm all for color-coding and a remote control, but that is in addition to the touch-screen interface. Are you saying all your skin screens are static images and you can't actually click any of the buttons?

    BTW: I really do like color-coding, but maybe you should just change the text color and keep the button a brushed aluminum or gun-metal. There is way to much bright color in those screen-shots.


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      It was targetted towards luxury vehicles that already have an in-dash monitor. I actually bought an overlay to use over mine to begin with but was disappointed with its reliability and accuracy so I went with an RF remote instead.

      Of course everything is interest driven, so if there is enough interest, I can implement a touch interface. It's not that hard, I just don't need it personally. It's only been open source for a couple days (I've been selling fully completed units for some time as you may have noticed on my site), so we'll see...

      I actually prefer the brushed aluminum type look so the next skin will be of that genre.
      Silverwolf 2 is dead.
      Silverwolf 3...?