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    Has anyone ever thought of doing a front-end in a stand-alone flash application?

    Just wondering what the limitations would be with that...

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    i believe skinning would become a issue... for one
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      Speed is another. The bigger the flash image the more CPU is required. And my poor little 500Mhz tablet hesitate in spinning logos. I'd have to get a whole new Carputer to make it useable.
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        I've said this before, and I'll continue to say it again.

        for good motion graphics, we need a GUI that uses a GPU, OpenGL or DIrect 3D or similar. OpenGL would be ideal as a port to linux and Mac is more possible.

        I beleive MythTV uses some OpenGL, so there might be a place to start, but let sbe honest, flash is cool and all, I develope in it, but for those "cool" graphics .. like on video games, flash is all CPU.. so it sucks the big one.

        The only issue I forsee is maybe "embedding" in it .. but it might be cool to try and use Tiger data or buy NAVTEQ maps and make a full bown GPS app, (not saying it's possible, or even worth it). It might be cool to lay topigraphical maps on a 3d plane and merge that with road maps and navigation in a 3d environment.

        Anyway, nothing against the original poster, just throwing more than my fair share into the thread. Ok I'll get back to not practicing what I preach and work on my flash animations.

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