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  • Skinning Software?

    I read in someone's signature about a program that will let you skin any program (even had a link to it), but now I can't find it. I want to skin my audio player (foobar) to use on my carputer.

    Carputer Progress:

    Re-do fabrication of screen [DONE]
    Add mini-USB and micro-USB power from M2-ATX [DONE]
    Teardown PC [100%]
    Add HDMI > VGA converter [0%]

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    Mobile Impact
    Highly innovative car computer multimedia/entertainment system software.


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      LOL. Feel free to contact me if you need any help fatedj. It is kinda on-hold, but the current one does work well as long as your SKINs INI-files are correct and you use non-transparent buttons.

      Look at the INI files and make sure you are up to it. If you are, but you want to use transparant buttons, I can send you a newer build that handles transparent graphics a lot better. I just never got all the bugs worked out of the partial-transparent per-pixel alpha-blending (plus I never had time to complete the iG skin for it), so it remains un-released until I have more free time. But if you just need normal transparancy with no alpha-blending, my unreleased build works perfectly.