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  • Connect Bluetooth phone to CarPC

    At this moment I have a bluetooth car-kit in my car (parrot CK3000)

    This systems works very well. I only have to name somebody from my list and the kit starts calling that person.

    But I have 2 problems.

    Not all my contacts are known by the kit (new ones are in my phone but not configurated in the carkit)

    When somebody calls me I can't see who this is.

    Is there some program that can show my contact list on my screen, and when I press on he name its starts to call .
    And also shows the name onf the one that calls me?

    I know about Phonecontrol, but I dont want to use the software to talk using my PC.
    I just want to see my contacts list and use this for controlling my phone.
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    Well, you could upgrade your parrot system to one with a screen.

    Drive Blue

    They make a number of them. I like, but the truth of it is that I don't know of many phones that work with it flawlessly, owning a samsung phone, it is practically worthless from a usability standpoint (I call out, and after converting my PB get the names on the list, but still not caller id on screen on incoming call). That's it's one flaw, that it is not universal, but that is A LOT to ask of a single program.

    From what I hear, parrots are the easiest thing to basically plug-and-play your bluetooth phone. If you want to save yourself a lot of hassel in the short run, just go with a parrot.

    If there are other phone control programs out there, please, let us both know.
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