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Any front end that can do this?

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  • Any front end that can do this?

    I have been looking for a front end that will let me have one monitor that will be only for viewing video, GPS, and stuff, and also let me have a second monitor that will be a touchscreen only for controls.

    Nothing I have looked at so far says it can do that.

    Anyone have any ideas? Or am I stuck trying to make this myself?

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    i want this too. AIMEE can do it.

    the best solution i have found is to set up your PC with extended desktop in windows with the screens set out on the control panel as they are on your dash - most likely touch screen below and viewing only screen above.

    Then you will, if you have a decent grpahics card have an 800x(2x480) ie 800x960 resultion screen.

    If you have a grpahics card that just fools windows and sets up your display as a 1600x480 display then just do what I am describing in that respect. I like having my screens separate and as they are really layed out incase I use a mouse so i can naturally go from one to the other.

    Anyway...back to the will hopefully be able to create a skin the same siaze as your total 800x860. this will then span the multiple screens if set up right (most frontends can be set where they are positioned). This way you will just have to create your own skins for things like the main menu on the lower screen and the GPS, video etc embedded in the top half. IT is not as efficient as doing just one screen for the each if you see what I mean but you should be able to make it quite efficient with a bit of thought.


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      Hummm...thats a posibility.

      I looked at AIMEE, but I never saw a download link for them. I think they just say it's coming soon.

      I am a ways away from getting the computer together and getting it ready to go in my car, so I am just looking to see whats around. Planning stage ya know...

      I'll go back and check out AIMEE again and see if there any updates on a release date.

      I have no experience with making skins, but I may be able to get something together to work. May be a little tricky since the touchscreen will be rotated 90 degrees to fit in my lower center console. I don't know...I'll have to experiment.

      Thanks Scouse Monkey for the reply


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        AIMEE is in a perpetual state of development. It exists, but only the select few have access to it.
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          oops yeah i forgot to mention....AIMEE only exists on 2 carPCs!

          I played with it at the end of the summer at the UK digital car meet but we were smoking serious amounts of "something" so all what i remember, if in fact it happened, is not great!

          but in all seriousness, it was a very quick frontend and Garry has it on his car with the lower screen with a touch panel and the upper behind the prelude dash glass touch is not possible.


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            oops! double post!