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Software Bundle question...which software bundle are u useing?

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  • Software Bundle question...which software bundle are u useing?

    Ok so I have the latest version of RR and the ACE codec pack, and the latest version of winamp. I installed full but then realised that it was freezeing winamp after one song and was just all around NO GOOD. Soo I installed Lite version bc haveing music is more important then videos imo. What im wondering is this.

    What software bundle are all of you guys useing. Im trying to piece together drivers, progs, and apps all in one bundle so that installing becomes a routine on car pcs. Basically im looking for a recipe that cooks up the most realiable car pc. Any feedback would be great

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    Everyone pretty much uses something different. It's usually a matter of personal preference or what works the best for a speciic set of hardware.

    There is no 'standard bundle', really.

    For example video codecs are of no use to me, because playing videos isn't an issue. To someone that wants to play video files, they're going to want a codec set.

    Frontends are also a matter of personal preference. Most GPS nav software is commercial, so you couldn't legally include that.

    Granted, having all the commonly used software codecs, enhancements, etc in one location would be awesome, but how big of a deal is that really? most of us know how to download stuff and have access to the 'net to do so....
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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