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    I'm looking for someone interested in doing a custom software skin. I'd be willing to pay a modest fee for the design work (under $1000).

    I'm writting my own Linux based software, which I wish to skin. This will be a 800x480 design, including a background, buttons, and several display elements, such as dials, sliders, numerical readouts.

    I have several ideas, and lots of info ready to go.. but I'm looking for someone with some experience to do a nice design.

    Anyone interested.. or can someone point me to a design service that would be interested in this type of project for a few hundred bucks?


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    Can I help you?

    Hi, if you need a list of jpeg images for your skin I 'm able using Adobe Photoshop...
    If you say more about what do you want (structures,buttons, colors, theme, etc..) I can try to help you...
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      you should contact some local colleges. i'm sure you could get the students to enter in a competition for the best design (work it in with a couple professors and they could get credit as well as cash prize) and you'll have dozens of designs to choose from. i could probably get you in contact with one of my old graphic design professors.
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        I can help are some of the skins i have made for road runner

        Let me know if i can help. I would love to be part of your project.

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          You can find some test images I have of my application here....

          Here are 2 examples....

          The first several photos are of the app.. non-skinned. The next few are just some stock photos. The last part are a couple start mockups a friend started for me, but he doesn't seem to have time to complete the project.

          There is also a picture of a Honda Civic dash, because I really like the way the tach gauge looks.

          Some images need to be clicked twice to see full res.

          I was thinking.. the app would have a main screen.. with buttons that click into each subsection. Each subsection would have a tabbed view (or in some way navigatable) to see an overview, and detailed information display. Like... Telemetry would have an overview.. and a seperate tab/section for a large version gauge.

          I'm writting my app in Linux/QT4.1, I can do alpha blending, and antialiased graphics. So like the gauge could be comprised of 2 images.. 1 background, with numbers drawn on top by a function, and the needle being another image rotated and painted on top.

          I have no problem purchasing stuff off for someone working on this.

          I also have a list of all the inputs/outputs that will be monitored in the vehicle.. and more details on the functionality of the systems control (like what button is supposed to do what, etc).

          scott_fx... great suggestion. I will talk with a few of our staff and see if they have a local professor they might know (I work at a webhosting company.. and we have some guys somewhat okay with design)
          jthiani.. Great examples. Depending on response from the thread.. I may be contacting you about doing some work on this.


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            GahhH! I typed out a whole response and my session timed out.

            More images here....

            scott_fx.. I will look into that.. good idea.
            jthiani... Depending on response to the thread, I may ask for your help with this.

            The general concept is that it'll have a main screen... with buttons to subsections. Each section will have atleast an overview, with possible tabed style detailed info. A few universal indicators should be through out.. so if your listening to an mp3 for example, a little flashing button could indicate "hey... check out engine temp".

            The app will control tire pressure, adjustable shock damping, wheel slip indication, telemetry views (engine temp, trans temp, ambient temp, etc), gps data views, sound and video playing, 4 wheel steering control, etc. I have a detailed list of inputs and outputs.

            I'm using QT4.1 and Linux. I can take multiple bitmaps and proceedure draw items to make gauges, sliders, etc. For example.. gauge might consist of a background, with antialiased lettering, and a rotated alpha blended bitmap on top. So.. layers are my friend.