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Windows XP Tablet PC ???

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  • Windows XP Tablet PC ???

    hey i wanted to know if i can use windows xp tablet pc os on my atx computer and if it would work good with a lilliput touch screen


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    i have used it. its really pointless if u r usin a frontend software like centrafuse. the main diffrence is u get an onscreen keyboard if u dont use a frontend. but everywindows has on screenkeyboard,its burriied in the start menu.
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      No and No



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        I attempted the same thing on my P4 cube pc and it seemed to run ok except that every now and then it would hang for a couple of seconds while it processed which was really annoying. I have an actual tablet pc and it seemed to do the same exact thing on it as well. I installed regular windows xp on my cube pc and it ran perfectly, so I scrapped the idea of trying to use tablet pc windows xp on my carputer. I too agree that there is no need to have an on screen keyboard outside of the Front Ends on this forum.
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