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interfacing q basic into a front end?

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  • interfacing q basic into a front end?

    I'm currently working on my carpc with some very unquie touches. I'm building remote controls for ajustable shocks (camaro z28 with suspension mods.) and remote controls for the hav controls. I'm going to control it using the seriel port with q basic.(esiest way I could firure it out.) I'm wondering if any of the front pages could be modifided to have hot key's for these controls and maybe change it so it display's this information on it. I'm not sure what it would take and am looking for insite on this matter thank's.

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    Certainly a....unique approach. Problem with QBasic is its lack of compiling. See if you can get your hands on a copy of Visual Basic, its an easy transition and hundreds of times more useful in the end.
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      you could make a shortcut to it into the front-end, by using QBASIC's run command. here is the syntax: X:/dir/qbasic.exe /run program.bas, where x:=drive, dir=folder basic is in, and program.bas= the program.
      btw, you can compile w/ QBASIC 4.5
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        what rsd212 said... VB is no harder then QBasic
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          If anything QBasic is harder because it is more cryptic.

          If / end if but while / wend. What about variable$ ?
          But I'm biased against Basics anyways. I think you should try picking up VB or learn some simple C programming. Plus, you will probably have to run that QBasic program though porttalk or allowio or something.