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How to get my GPS reciever work ?

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  • How to get my GPS reciever work ?

    Hi guys...

    I just installed an Iguidance 2.13 on my computer. and I have a BU-353(USB) reciever. Currently, I didn't put a computer in a car yet. is there any easy way show how to use an iguidance. Thank you first.

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    wrong forum, you'll get a lot more help in the GPS section of this site. Plus a little searching goes a long way.
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      1. Run the map loader for iGuidance and install the maps you want.
      2. Install the Prolific USB--serial driver that came with the BU353.
      3. Plug in the BU353 into a USB port.
      4. Launch iGuidance.
      5. Select the appropriate COM port for your GPS in iGuidance.

      From a techncial perspective, this is some pretty basic stuff, man. If you don't know how to install a piece of hardware or configure a piece of software, you're going to have a migraine from hell with this project...

      And liquid_smoke is spot on. This is in the wrong forum.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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