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Now noticing MP3 skips

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  • Now noticing MP3 skips

    Can anyone help me out? I am now noticing mp3s skipping a lot of the time in MPXPLAY. This had never done this before (4 weeks since I have started this project). The PC is not in the car yet *, it is on a desk, so why are they skipping?

    (* I know it isn't like a CD player, but I thought I'd mention that it wasn't in the car)



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    Re: Now noticing MP3 skips

    have you changed TSR programs/drivers/software/added new programs?

    otherwise, if not all mp3s skip it COULD be (very outside chance) that if your adding/removing alot of mp3s from your HDD that it is starting to defrag and the seektime looking for mp3s is causing the choppy sound. Of couse this would only become a problem with slower CPU/HDD.

    very much an outside chance I know, but try a defrag/speeddisc and see if that makes a diff. If so, try for a faster HDD at least!
    Project - GAME OVER :(


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      That could be my problem. I am using a P166 and a 5400rpm hard drive (I had them lying about so it hadn't cost me anything). It has only started skipping since I added a lot of MP3s. I'll try running defrag and I'll post back the results.



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        mp3 skips

        You also might want to try using SMARTDRV disk caching. It might take some of the burden off your hard drive if you have enough RAM.