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  • DOS problems

    I installed msdos 6.22 from the install disks. I am trying to get a copy of the playlist onto my laptop so I can print out a listing of the songs (in order) on the car mp3 player. The problem is that 6.22 is showing filenames in a strange format with underscores instead of tildas. I don' t think the two are intercompatible. Anyone know how to install the newer dos's on a hard drive?

    Another thing, is there any dos software that is like a virtual desktop? I don't have a screen and would like to control it with the laptop (debugging reasons) and transfer files (I am on an ntfs partition too).

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    Re: DOS problems

    tildas/underscores its all the same anyway - regardless DOS aint gonna get you the full long filename. IF you really want the tildas, pipe the direcotory listing to a text file and do a search/replace on the underscores..?

    for remote control you could try an early version of PC-Anywhere maybe? I havent had too much experence with it.... but I think early versions would let you do that with DOS....
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      Only problem is the format of the names is slightly differint (I will just see if winamp will recognize them.


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        Try out drdos. ( It's free, has networking, and has a long file name driver. It's faster than MS DOS too.
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