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Hibernation issues

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  • Hibernation issues

    I've got issues with my carputer. Hibernate and everything was running fine until a month or so ago. Now, there are problems, but the worst part is, that they are not consistent. My carputer sometimes hibernates plenty of times a day and sometimes it just happens that after the system is finished reading the hibernation data (the slider comes to the end, disk activity stops), it just sits there and does nothing (still in text mode). If I then push the power button (actually by trickling the ignition power off, wait some 10 seconds and on again), then it usually resumes and works as usual. I have a hunch there is a problematic driver somewhere that is reinitialising after hibernation that causes this problem, but just can't identify it.

    So, my question is: is there a logger of some sort available for what the system does after the memory contents is read back? Anybody got a hunch what I should try?

    My config:
    - VIA SP13000, 256M RAM
    - 120G HD 2.5"
    - DVDRW Nec 6500
    - M1-ATX
    - SB X-Fi Xtreme Music
    - Xenarc 700TSV
    - USB WiFi
    - USB Bluetooth