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ID3 tag and frontend problem

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  • ID3 tag and frontend problem

    I decided to post this out here because it doesn't just apply to one front end.

    Whenever I load my music into a frontend (I've tried Frodoplayed, Centrafuse, and the Mobile Media Centre Beta) the application doesn't identify my music properly. There is a ton of "Unknown Artist" and "Unknown Album". I figured that it had to be a tag problem, which was odd cause I spent a long time a while ago fixing all the tags. Sure enough when I checked it out all the tags are correct in Windows Media Player, iTunes, and I downloaded MP3 Collector to see if they were correct there, and they were (with the exception of a few, but they arn't the ones I'm concerned about).

    So what's up? Why are the frontends not reconizing my music properly?

    Vancouver Island Imports

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    I've solved the problem to an extent and am just posting the solution for reference.

    It appears that upon closer inspection of most the tags of the songs that were appearing as "unknown artist" and "unknown album" they all had a string of what appeared to be hexidecimal in the comments section. Using iTunes I cleared the comments box from all 2311 songs that I have, and lo and behold Frodoplayer (and I'm assuming the other front ends) now read the songs correctly.

    I've also discovered that the remaining songs that still do not display correctly have been encoded with "LAME3.96", "LAME3.95","LAME3.93", "LAME3.90".

    I know I have to re-encode them, but what is the fastest way to do that?

    Vancouver Island Imports