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  • antivirus

    Do any of you run an antivirus on your carputer?

    I was thinking about putting the free version of AVG on my carputer, but I want to try to keep as few programs running as possible.

    Just wondering if anyone else is.
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    If the PC never connect to the net, why run AV?
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      I run AVG free on my truck PC.
      It updates every time I connect to the 'net, so I stay protected.
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      How about the Wiki?

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        I did hear a guy once got a virus by connecting to an unprotected AP. I don't run an antivirus since I can never get any wifi signal anyways due to my poor stock wifi antenna.
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          Originally posted by MatrixPC
          If the PC never connect to the net, why run AV?
          I agree. Enable XP's firewall if you're ever using WiFi and you'll be fine.
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            Oh ya, good way to slow down your system. That's just about the only reason to have AV software on your carputer.
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              But of course you need antivirus! In this post-9/11, pre-ww3 world, your standalone system will be vulnerable to viruses and spyware and child pornography! Will somebody please think of the children?! So install that antivirus... or the terrorists will win!
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