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Display and Control your FE from your Pocket PC

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  • Display and Control your FE from your Pocket PC

    I briefly tried this app out, very impressed so far. It is not a VNC app or a remote desktop, you basically operate it as a multi monitor from windows. I set it as 800x600 and Landscape in the app and as the primary display in windows display settings. I launched RR and had it displayed and touch screen/stylus control from the PDA!!! If you disconnect the PDA the windows pop back to the PC monitor. When you reconnect the PDA it will prompt or can be set to automatically set the PDA display active again but appears you would have to relaunch RR. Still need to play with options, I have it cradled, going to try wi-fi next and want to look into cloning displays as well.

    Could be very promising...I have an IPAQ so one way to have that tranflective screen - too pricey to buy one still!

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    Search for Z2 Remote2PC, its what I use. Alot like VNC but works over line and bluetooth.
    HARDWARE: Fujitsu Stylistic ST5111w/WiFi and dock, internal Hitachi 500G HD, external 1TB HD, Sierra Wireless Aircard 550, DVD-RW, BoomzBox HD radio, XM Commander, Delorme GPS, Saitek X-52 Pro joystick, BluSoleil Bluetooth, TPMS, FB, Elm327