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  • Telemetry

    After seeing some car telemetry like speed, RPM, temperatures and error codes from cars, how about driver telemetry?

    Heartbeat, Drowsiness Awareness, etc... And how about a GPS based On-Crash 911 Event Handler that calls 911 and loops a S.O.S. message with car location based on Text-To-Speech Maybe.

    heartbeat monitoring could be achived by placing some couples of sensors on the steering wheel or such...

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    I know that this post is quite old, but. This is in the planning stage in Europe at the moment, (not driver telemetry). The EU have agreed a system whereby in the event of a breakdown the driver can call the rescue organisation and the vehicle will be able to send its location and fault diagnostics automatically. In the event of an accident no driver intervention is required, the system will call the emergency services and turn on a mic in the vehicle.
    A big stumbling block was what language to use. Thankfully English was chosen for the whole of Europe. I don't know when this is due to begin, but the UK and Sweden will be running the trials