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Thin Client setup help. How to boot over LAN?

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  • Thin Client setup help. How to boot over LAN?

    I have never made a thin-client PC, and thought I would make one for fun and put it in my TV room so I can watch my xvids and stuff without hooking up my laptop.

    I have all sorts of spare components. I found a VIA C3 Micro-ATX board that says 2000+ (Weird, It's like 3 years old and 800Mhz), but then the only hard drives I had left was a 3Gb one and a 120Mb one (Where the hell did that come from???) Well the 3Gb, is very old, got it in a Packard Bell when the 200Mhz cost us over $3k USD. I think the drive is irrepairably damaged. It shows up in the BIOS, and I can format it using XP setup, and then it copies all the files and upon the first startup, it never gets past the boot screen leaving a different error each time. Completely random. I think there are a few too many bad sectors.

    So, I want to now instead of buying a new drive, use some of the free space in my main PC (1.2 Tb's ) and just boot over the network leaving this spare PC hard drive free, or maybe just a USB flash stick or the 120Mb drive.

    I have no idea how to do it.

    I looked at Remote Boot options on the M$ website, and it only talks about 2000 server and 2003 server editions. No mention of XP (Pro or Home, I own both). Googling has brought me to sites that I don't quite get what they mean, talk about server 2003, or are for linux.

    Basically my question is as follows:

    Can I use my existing Windows XP Pro computer to host a boot image of XP (Either version) that my crappy little mobo (that does support boot from lan) can connect through by going from it's ethernet port into a wireless 802.11g router to the always on main PC through the WiFi card?
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