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A multimedia toolkit app.

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  • A multimedia toolkit app.

    Im not sure if you folks already know about this program. In any case, i used to use it a long time ago to make my first simple interface for an mp3car project. I ran across the old link and thought id post it here...

    Its a pretty powerful toolkit, you can make a number of different graphical menus/application launchers/standalone audio-mp3 player interface etc. Im guessing that some may find this app to be quite nifty!

    Multimedia Builder
    2001 PT Cruiser "BLK ICE"

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    Yeah I used it too a couple years ago to make a graphical interface for a CD. The software is great, it never dawned on me to use it for a carputer interface! If I wasn't using Cobra I would give it a try. M.A.V.I.C. System
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      THis app is pretty damn cool. I have been debating on creating something until C4 becomes available but kept putting it off. I downloaded this software and within 10 minutes , I created a 'generic" front end to control DVD,TV,GPS,CD,etc. All I have to say is that this app kicks major a$$....THANKS!!!


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        you can also try Auto Play Menu Studio

        It's great and has lots of options.


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          Holy Smokes!!! This program looks like it could kick boo tay.

          Must DL and try it out.
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            wow i didnt know ppl actually read threads this old hehe
            2001 PT Cruiser "BLK ICE"


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              i haven't been here in months. trying to catch up.


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                For $300 that auto play menu from indigo rose is a bit unreasonible for this application I think..

                The $40 they want for the Multimedia Builder is a bit more reasonible.. plus you get to try it out first.

                Any body try using this? I'm trying to make a decent mp3 player in it with a better play list system.. not too much luck so far.
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                  I am

                  I plan on using MB as a front end basically. Attached is a rough sketch of what I've come up with so far.


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                    2001 PT Cruiser "BLK ICE"


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                      since we are sharing


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                        and another for the lighting menu. i just click the appropriate parts of the car to turn that on.

                        oh ya, i used to have Gravity auto PC, but don't anymore. Just never changed it.


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                          hey has anyone here actually build their car pc software with this ..??

                          looks like a nice .. software

                          Just wondering how you make it load DVD?



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                            im not sure if u can actually play a dvd with it... but you can launch dvd apps etc.

                            the software is pretty good at being an mp3/audio player, and doing menu screens with buttons etc.

                            There are also a lot of 3rd party plugins that give u ability to make a video player out of it aswell...

                            I doubt ppl realise the full potential of this app to make a sweet graphical car pc interface.
                            2001 PT Cruiser "BLK ICE"