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Palm VNC to control winamp ?

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  • Palm VNC to control winamp ?

    i had a soft for my palm once that was suposed to show you the screen of your pc on the palm but i never got it to work i couldn't get the palm to connect to the PC but now i figured that out .

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    Tried it and got the same thing......nothing. The reason is because Palm VNC will only work over a normal TCP/IP network connection. I've read that you can set it up to link through your palm cradle ( as i'm guessing you are trying to do ) but it's supposed to be pretty complex. Try this link, i know it's for Win2K but it might help you out or at least give you an idea of what's involved.
    Connecting a Palm Pilot to Windows 2000

    Hope this helps you.
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      I use VNC a lot at work over a network, but have had it working at home fine, using the Palm to control the PC. It's hard work, as the screen area is very small, so a lot of scrolling is involved. Also, I've only had it working over a serial connection, so it's not amazingly fast.

      To get the Palm to connect, you need to run a Palm>TCP mapper. I use MochaPPP from

      Once Mocha is set up (make sure Hotsync is closed first) and put the Palm in it's cradle (or plug in a serial lead to it) and Mocha should report a connection (you need a 'proper' cable because the DTR line is used to check the connection).

      Run the VNC server on the PC (make sure you download the correct version - you need the version with server-side scaling from

      Run VNC on the Palm, enter the IP address of the PC (you'll need TCP IP installed on the PC), and in a couple of seconds, you
      should see (part of) the windows desktop.

      It's a lot easier than it sounds. hope this helps.
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        I've not got VNC running on my CE device, but managed to use Mocha PPP mentioned above to control a Winamp http server from the PDA.

        The mocha PPP implementation seems pretty good IMO.