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Running Winamp from a RAM-disk. Possible?

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  • Running Winamp from a RAM-disk. Possible?

    My standalone MP3-player is finished. I'm running 98Lite.

    It's working, but my old harddrive is really noisy. So I was thinking; Would it be possible to set up a RAM-disk in Windows, install Winamp and all the plugins on it and make Windows turn off the harddrive when the machine has started?
    This would get rid of a lot of noise. But will it work? The only programs that are running are: Winamp and COM-Port Winamp plus all the plugins (Reproduction Control and Zehnder's LCD-Plugin). The Swap-file is set to 80 MB and it's never used.

    I guess I'd need some 3rd party program to turn off the harddrive. The Power Management features will just turn on the harddrive again everytime I press a button.

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    It'd be cheaper, easier, and more logical to just get a new hard drive. They have very silent 20G Maxtors for $55 (after rebate) at Best Buy.
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      It might be easier, and maybe more logical, but cheaper?


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        If noise is your only concern, a newer hdd is your best bet. Go to a used computer store and have them plug in a couple 1+GB hdd's and see what you like.

        A ram disk would also work, but if you will be accessing mp3's from the drive, it will need to turn on every 4 minutes or so... That could wear out the drive, not to mention causing a couple second delay each time.
        Do a search on Yahoo or another site for "windows ram disk". That should turn up many tweaks and 3rd party utils.

        A solid state drive might be another option, but those have limited write cycles and as such, aren't great for Windows machines.
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          I want to do the same thing, while playing mp3's off the network. So i want it to boot win95, load winamp, start playin, and then i can turn off hdd. I have experimaented, but whenever i unplug hd it locks up after about a min. Evebn if i install winamp on the ramdrive i have made.