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Wanted: beta testerss for X-MP3Pad (formerly MP944)

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  • Wanted: beta testerss for X-MP3Pad (formerly MP944)

    Some of you might remember me talking about my MP944 custom software a while back... Well, it's coming close to a public release! I just released Alpha #7 today and installed it in my car and sent it to a friend, and if all goes well I can release Beta #1 within the week.

    If you're interested in becoming a beta tester, please visit the link below and submit the application.

    Also please take 30 seconds and fill out the two polls I have on there... Thanks!

    Also, bear with me as I slapped that page together in about 45 minutes, just to get the bear minimum info on there. The main purpose is to get beta applications.

    Please only submit a beta tester application if you're willing to give extensive feedback, and are willing to test all features of X-MP3Pad, as in taking the time to set up album files and renaming your MP3 files, if necessary.

    Thanks a bunch and I look forward to hearing from you all!
    -Zach, aka Xak (zach .:[at]:.

    Car: 1987 Porsche 944
    Sound: 4x6" Pioneer front speakers, 1" custom-mounted tweeters, 6.5" Pioneer rear speakers, 400watt Pioneer 12" sub in custom box behind driver's seat running bridged off an Autotek 300watt amp.
    Comp: (In progress...)

    Progress: [##########] (100%)
    Everything was installed and working in car, but is currently being worked on...
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